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Paket PJU Tenaga Surya 24W

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-Street Lighting Multi LED 24W
-Controller Smart Solar Wireless System 10Ah
-Solar Panel Mono /Polychristalline 100WP
-Batterry VRLA Gell Deep Cycle 65Ah
-Box Battery Outdoor Powder Coating Single
-Battery Belt
-Clamp Box
-Street Light Pole Hot Deep Galvanized 5 Meter
-Bracket Solar Panel 50wp
-Anchor Bolt M16
-Installation Cable Solar Cell NYYHY 2 x 4mm
-Installation Cable Lamp NYYHY 2 x 0,75mm
-Installation Cable Battery NYYHY 2 x 4mm
-Skun Battery
-Anti Climbing
-Nut and Bolt
-Terminal Block
-Connectors Block


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